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Last updated on 2018.06.20

What is TileZero (v0.9)?

This is a functional demonstration of the Adaptation and Assessment (TwoA) component:

- Play TileZero against advanced AI with varying difficulties.
- TwoA is used to automatically and in real time adapt difficulty in TileZero game.
- Track your skill assessment and learning progress via a real-time visualization.
- The implementation seamlessly combines TypeScript and JavaScript via MVC architecture.
- Game logic and AI are completely written in TypeScript.
- UI, game loop, and I/O are implemented in Cocos2D-Javascript game engine.
- TwoA component makes use of RAGE client-side architecture for game engine integration.

NOTICE: The game uses COOKIES to store your performance evaluation.

This is a beta implementation. Bugs and glitches are to be expected.

Complete source code under Apache 2.0 license will be released before August 2018.


Educational benefits of the game.

TileZero is a variation of the popular board game Qwirkle. It has a number of educational benefits including promoting development of fluid reasoning, spatial reasoning, mathematical reasoning, combinatoric, and ability to explore and compare different solutions. More about it can be read in:
Mackey, A. P., Hill, S. S., Stone, S. I., & Bunge, S. A. (2011). Differential effects of reasoning and speed training in children. Developmental science, 14(3), 582-590.
Nyamsuren, E. & Taatgen, N.A. (2013). Qwirkle: From fluid reasoning to visual search. Unpublished manuscript.


How to play TileZero?

Intructions: This is a slightly modified version of the original Qwirkle game by MindWare. Consult instruction slides to the right on how to play this version of the game.





If you are ready then CLICK HERE TO PLAY.